LAP Foundation, Inc., owns an 11,000 square foot duplex warehouse located in Downtown Anchorage near Merrill Field Airport.  The leases on this property are triple net, which requires the leasees to pay all operating costs, including property taxes and insurance.  The investment income earned on this property provides the funding LAP Foundation uses to pay administrative costs, mainly professional services for tax preparation, real estate commissions and office supplies.  The remainder is donated annually to local and national charities.    


The LAP Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to  Larry's vision of using the revenues derived from commercial rental property investments to improve the lives of children and animals.  We support local and world organizations that we believe are effective in pursuing that goal.  


LAP Foundation owns commercial real estate that it leases to tenants on a triple net basis enabling nearly 80% of total lease revenues to be donated annually in support of local and national charities.  


The LAP Foundation Board consists of five members, Paul Adelman, Julie Adelman, Nicholas Adelman, Jeffrey Griffin, & Kate Mauldin.  Our Board performs all of the administrative management and operational duties on a volunteer basis to keep overhead low and contributions at their maximum level.